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Rummaging About

Getting ready to cook a tri-tip roast for dinner last night, for some reason I thought about how roasting pans usually come with an oven when you buy it. Even though I hadn't used such a roasting pan in the five-years I've owned the oven, I figured it must be around somewhere, most likely in the bottom drawer of the stove itself. Sure enough, after a little rummaging around, I discovered a good-sized pan with a rack that fit inside, and had a slight bend in the middle to keep a roast or turkey or whatever from sliding off. However the real rummaging payoff came when I found a cord with a sort of skewer at one end and a round plug at the other end. Thinking it must be some sort of meat thermometer, I looked in the oven for possible places to plug it in. No luck seeing much in the dark oven since the oven light wasn't working, so it was off to the Kitchen Aid Superba Use and Care Guide. And there it was - exactly how to use the temperature probe. The skewer end plugged into the roast and the other end plugged into an outlet on the upper left side of the oven, showing a little probe symbol on the stove controls once the connection was made. I chose the internal meat temperature I wanted, set the oven temperature and pressed start. When the meat reached the programmed internal temperature, I heard a wonderful series of beeps letting me know, and the oven shut itself off. The only thing I had to do was take the meat out so it wouldn't cook any further. What a perfect combination of high tech used for an every day chore, plus the roast, which I planned to have for a couple of meals, was so delicious we gorged out and ate the whole thing. Yummy!


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