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dinosaur ice sculpture at First NightWe started by celebrating the New Year at First Night Boston where the ice sculptures are crowd pleasers and our favorites. Again this year the sculptors had to contend with warm temperatures so by the time we got there, a chunk of dinosaur tail had already fallen off. However the night was just perfect for walking around aimlessly, as flaneurs do, seeing everything but not getting too cold.

The next week our celebrating continued with a trip to New Hampshire. Along with enjoying a birthday lunch out, we all had a fine time skating. Well not me, because I didn't have any skates. However I had an equally fine time as 'Zamboni Girl', getting the ice in shape for the hockey players. If you look closely you might notice the historic skates (1970's vintage) on Peter, who later commented that, while skating, he'd felt like a Chinese woman with bound feet. He was still looking good though, and was much appreciated as the hockey coach.

Zamboni girl clearing the ice

Holly on the attack All skate Meg scores on Dad


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