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Vacation Cruise for $1.25

In the spirit of my recent Paris on the cheap post, I bring you the fifteen minute cruise, complete with all tourist types including the ugly American. Using the loudest voice I've ever heard in public that wasn't giving a speech or drunkenly haranguing a crowd, the father berated his wife for worrying that they were getting on the wrong boat and confused the fare taker with an oddly worded request to purchase tickets when most people just stick out their money. Since I was right in front of them, I hurried to take an inside seat figuring they'd opt for the outdoor, tourist-view deck above. But no luck, they sat down right next to me and proceeded to shout their way across Boston Harbor, the father's style and tone of voice having been faithfully copied by wife and children. My usual respite of fresh ocean air and spectacular city view was marred on this trip, but that's not the norm and won't dissuade me from future trips. I associate boat trips with vacation so just boarding the ferry makes that vacation mentality kick in. It's a true escape, even when it only lasts fifteen minutes.


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