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August 6, 2003

Cadillac Woman

Picture this. There are four lanes of traffic waiting for the light at Government Center. The two right lanes are stopped at the red light while the two left lanes are stopped for a red left-turn arrow. As we wait in the second lane to go straight through, two more cars wait in the fourth lane for the left turn. From behind, a big old Cadillac driven by a gray-haired woman comes up in the empty lane three. Without even pausing for the red left-turn arrow, she makes a complete u-turn, going around the two waiting cars to drive back in the direction she just came. Now there was no oncoming traffic, but what makes someone even think of doing that, never mind actually performing the maneuver. This lady rates a whole new category on the dangerous driver test.

August 7, 2003

Yesterday's U-Turn Merely Driver Training

Again picture this, although unless you live here, I'm not sure you'll be able to. Approaching the red lights at the end of Chelsea Street, it was hard to fathom the view of a tractor trailer backing up towards the stopped traffic on Rutherford Avenue. Whether those drivers were actually stopped for a light or simply dumbstruck, was impossible to tell. As the eighteen-wheeler continued to back towards the traffic, we could see it was attached to a tow truck and not under its own power. Then, with no room left, the tow truck driver pulled forward to begin an expected left turn into Chelsea Street. Instead it was a truly amazing u-turn from outside lane to the opposite outside lane, with tow-truck, followed by tractor, followed by trailer, blocking the three lanes of oncoming traffic from Chelsea Street to go back in the opposite direction down Rutherford Avenue. Even for die-hard Boston drivers like us, this was hard to believe.

August 12, 2003

Trip to Paris for 10 Bucks

Or even less if you opt for the matinee. Just visit your local theatre to see Le Divorce. Nothing too great about the movie itself, but right from the opening scene on the moving walkway in Charles De Gaulle, it does take you to Paris.

August 27, 2003

Double Anniversary

Both the house and Grandma and Grandpa were celebrating milestone anniversaries this summer. Twenty-five years ago construction began on the two houses, and was commemorated this year with deck reconstruction and new shingles on the south side of the big house.

For Grandma and Grandpa's 63rd anniversary party, as described in Grandma's own words, "We all had a wonderful bluefish dinner after Bill, Peter, Judy, Meg and Jason caught the fish on a charter boat trip out to Great Point. Champagne for the toast, Salmon Run wine from Shannon (all agreed fruity, not too dry), Pinot Grigio, Bartlett's corn, roasted potatoes, salad and Meg's chocolate cake completed a sumptuous meal for 12, including Evan, Melinda, McKenna and Isabell."

August 30, 2003

Vacation Cruise for $1.25

In the spirit of my recent Paris on the cheap post, I bring you the fifteen minute cruise, complete with all tourist types including the ugly American. Using the loudest voice I've ever heard in public that wasn't giving a speech or drunkenly haranguing a crowd, the father berated his wife for worrying that they were getting on the wrong boat and confused the fare taker with an oddly worded request to purchase tickets when most people just stick out their money. Since I was right in front of them, I hurried to take an inside seat figuring they'd opt for the outdoor, tourist-view deck above. But no luck, they sat down right next to me and proceeded to shout their way across Boston Harbor, the father's style and tone of voice having been faithfully copied by wife and children. My usual respite of fresh ocean air and spectacular city view was marred on this trip, but that's not the norm and won't dissuade me from future trips. I associate boat trips with vacation so just boarding the ferry makes that vacation mentality kick in. It's a true escape, even when it only lasts fifteen minutes.

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