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Opening last night's beer

Opening last night's beer of choice, a Pete's Wicked Red Rush Ale, reminded us of a similar red ale from our past, so we brought out the saved bottle for a side by side comparison. It looks like we had a good idea going when we brewed our Headlands Red Tide Ale for Father's Day in 1998. Described as a paralyzing Irish Red Ale, the name and tongue in cheek reference to gymnodinium breve, were Mike's creations, but we all took part in the brewing, bottling, and of course, the final drinking. It was a fun time when all of us were together in California and able to spend a Saturday at the Mt. Tam Brewing Co., choosing a style for our beer and mixing all the ingredients. Weeks later we came back to pump the finished beer into bottles, cap them off and label them with Mike's computer designed and generated labels. We still have one unopened bottle of that special brew, and the next time we're all together, we'll have to open it and see how it's aged. Amazingly, the dad in whose honor it was brewed, has barely aged a bit.


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