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What a great weekend

What a great weekend we spent in Buffalo. If only it had been 100 years ago we could have actually attended the Pan American Exposition. Instead we saw a number of fascinating exhibits, particularly one by the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society housed in a building on Forest Avenue. The artifacts remaining from the exhibits and buildings of the Exposition are quite amazing, including an original lamp post with between fifty and a hundred individual bulbs on the top, some movie footage of the opening parade from the Edison Motion Picture Company, and the smallest building in the fair. Most of the Exposition buildings were only temporary but this tiny gate house was purchased by a local family after the fair closed. It stayed on their property through a number of owners and uses (playhouse, garden house, etc.) and, after ninety-five years, was restored and donated to the Historical Society by the current owners. We also spent lots of time enjoying the garden and relaxing on the backyard deck, amused by Bob's garden hose battles with a very persistent squirrel who was trying to sneak off with pears from the tree next to the door. We sat out late into the evening, warmed by the neon glow of whipped cream. The only reason Peter and Bob were dressed up in their photo was because we were on the way to Rue Franklin for dinner. On Sunday we went walking along the lake front, happy we weren't in the bridge traffic coming back from Fort Erie. Trudy posed in the park across the canal from this abandoned building. I liked its' graffiti covering, complimenting the walls painted to spur on west side rowers in their races. As happens so often with Buffalo/Boston flights, our return plane was cancelled, and an otherwise relaxing extra evening ended with great excitement when the house alarm was accidentally set off. Yes, the police really do respond.


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