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Hooray! I emailed the

Hooray! I emailed the paper this morning so now it's just me and my sabbatical. I'm a free woman, an 'electron libre' even, if you saw that earlier post. And what a lovely day it was, just letting my initial errand to pick up an adaptateur at BHV lead me wherever. When the light rain turned into quite a downpour I ducked into a place that advertised cafe latte and something called a San Franciso steamer. The steamer had those Italian syrups added so I don't know why they gave it that name. I went for a latte instead. A left-behind magazine turned out to be an English guide to things to do in Paris, and that led me up the street to the Issey Miyake shop called A.POC, which stands for A Piece of Cloth. And that's not just any piece of cloth. He's invented (patent pending) some sort of amazing knit material which doesn't run at all. Arm holes and a neck opening can just be cut out, with no stitching around them, all in great colors, not just the usual Japanese black and gray. Of course, the price reflects their uniqueness so fortunately I came to my senses before making an unwarranted purchase. I kept wandering and eventually ended up at the Palais Royal, amazed by the length and regularity of this covered walkway that surrounds the gardens. How envious I am of those for whom this is just a part of their daily walk.


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