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New England Weather in Paris

Who says New England is the one with the changeable weather? Paris is just as bad, at least today, catching me outside in the rain at two different times. I'd gone back inside after the first time for some lunch, and to get ready to walk to the Louvre for the first Sunday of the month when entry is free to the public. By the time I got out the front door though, I discovered it had started raining again. In turn that meant by the time I got to the Louvre, between free entry and rain outside, the line to get in wrapped well around the pyramid. Luckily, I remembered you could also enter through the Carousel, the shopping and parking area underneath the Tuileries, so down I went. Once inside I headed for the Richelieu Wing to see the Napoleon Apartments. I had loved walking through them the last time I was here, imagining myself in the heavy gowns and pointy shoes of the time, and worrying about what ever I would have done with my hair. Unfortunately, this second time through still did not result in a hair solution, but it did make me eager to see the interiors of Vaux le Vicomte, where I plan to go next week with Barbara.

My new discovery was not one, but two, merry go rounds on the rue de Rivoli, just perfect for when Ollie and Minna come to visit. I wonder if I can ride along with them? I do love a good merry go round. See my photos of the day.


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