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A Week of Flaneuring

So now I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, new shoes on my feet and the feeling that Paris is the place I'm meant to be. I'm not sure whether that's the wine speaking or the fact that I've finally found some really comfortable walking shoes that can be worn with socks, so they're warm enough for this colder than typical May weather. Not to worry though, the 10-day forecast shows a warming trend, plus the arrival of all the family will undoubtedly warm things up as well.

I've collected a set of photos from this past week, which may be hard to figure out but essentially are just shots of things that caught my eye while out and about wandering in Paris. Somehow I just can't get myself out of bed before 8:30 am and then with posting to heyjud, and a bit of a workout, I'm usually out the door from noontime on. While I'm out, I've done much window shopping in the Marais and around Sevres-Babylones, and although I promised myself not to, I did stop in one time at Starbucks for a decaf latte. It was really good and less expensive than a not-so-good decaf creme at any number of cafes I've tried, plus it's got way more milk than the others, which we all know is important for the prevention of osteoporosis. So now have I justified further stops at Starbucks?

The only museum I visited was Les Arts Decoratifs and as you'll see by the photos, I was perhaps more interested in the views from the windows on the upper floors than I was in les arts decoratifs. I know I should be admonished for that but the week is mine to spend as I please and that's what I'm doing. After this full week of window shopping, I'm pleased to report that finally today I made some purchases. First off, a wonderful and very French blouse - hard to imagine since I hardly ever wear blouses. Then there was the miraculous appearance, just today, of a shoe store I remembered from 2001 in the Marais, where I finally bought a second pair of comfortable walking shoes that could be worn with socks. Why did I think that one pair of walking shoes and three pairs of sandals would be all I needed for this trip? Was I not thinking about the effects of global warming and it's counterintuitive god damn cold weather? Well now that I've found them it will probably warm right up but that's okay. I'll be able to switch from the two pairs of long pants I've alternated with since arriving, and wear some of the skirts, dresses and capris I thought would be so appropriate.

Tomorrow I'm off to do some grocery shopping for Meg and family's arrival on Sunday. Then I'll see which of the museum's I want to go to for the special night of the museums event. Stay tuned for that in my next post.


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