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Incredible Game; Incredible Graphics

Somehow I missed it, but Edward Tufte must have presented a seminar at the Boston Globe, or maybe he just gave away some free copies of his books. However they found out about them, someone took 'envisioning information' to heart. Of course, a game like last night's incredible Celtics comeback against the Lakers does lend itself to incredible graphics. And that's exactly what showed up in the plays and score graphic in today's Globe. Like Tufte's lauded graphic of Napoleon's march to Moscow, the inexorable march of the Celtics can be fully understood and appreciated in the stutter-step look of the graph, where the gray line shows the shooting droughts and deficit of as much as 24 points in the first half, to the last quarter when the gray line finally crosses over the black and stays there for the ultimate 97 - 91 win. It's drama condensed and combined with exactly how they got there, basket by basket and shot by shot. Hoorah Celtics and thank you Tufte.


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