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Tagged - I'm It

Thanks to Meg, I've got a chance to play the game everyone is playing, this internet game of lists. I'm curious about who started it, and when, but haven't succeeded in ferreting out that information. Anyhow it seems easy to play; just list four things for each category. Actually doing it has surprised me a little, with some categories downright hard to complete. Do you think you'll know me better after reading my lists? I guess that's the point.

4 jobs I've had

1. Mother
2. Physical education teacher
3. Software engineer
4. Riflery counselor at summer camp

4 movies I could watch over and over again

(I'm not much for movies but I'll give it a shot.)
1. Gone with the Wind
2. Amelie
3. Animal House
4. The Big Chill

4 places I've lived

1. Buffalo, NY
2. Springfield, MA
3. Brookline, MA
4. Larkspur, CA

4 TV shows I love

(I'm not much for TV either.)
1. 24 (new favorite)
2. Monkees (very old favorite)
3. Thirty Something (medium old favorite)
4. Can't think of another

4 places I've vacationed

1. Paris
2. Nantucket
3. Los Angeles
4. San Miguel de Allende

4 of my favorite dishes

1. Choucrote garni (I dream of following the Choucroute Route sometime)
2. Broccoli rabe with garlic (green and great)
3. Homemade pizza with walnut/cilantro pesto instead of tomato sauce
4. Fish sticks (as a kid because I could cook them myself)

4 sites I visit daily

1. eTrade.com
2. google.com
3. megnut.com
4. kottke.org

4 places I would rather be right now

1. Skiing at Mad River Glen because it's winter
2. If it was summer, the beach at Dionis
3. In spring it would have to be Paris
4. King Mountain in Larkspur any sunny day, and out there, there's plenty of them

4 people I am tagging

(This is a bit tough because I don't have many blogging friends.)
1. Kevin, a friend of Peter's
2. Julianna, another friend of Peter's
3. This site is apparently a family blog but it's Beverly who's emailed me about heyjud and seems pretty interesting and about my age, though I've never met her; I hope she sees this.
4. Marcia's Farmday sadly hasn't been updated since 2001 but if my sister remembers the password perhaps she can get it going again. I loved what she wrote on it.


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