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Back to Normal

After a personal, and perhaps Ira Audi, record for longest vehicle repair time, our familiar car is back at home, ready for ski season. No more leak, no more water on the floor. The replaced transmission control module and numerous wiring harnesses are all working as they're supposed to. I view those months with the rental TT as making my summer into more of a vacation without having to leave home, but like any vacation, not without having to spend money. Insurance did kick in but the length of pb (personal best) easily exceeded the insurance limit. With so many great sunny days, the weather somewhat made up for it, and once I figured out how to put the top down, I made sure to take full advantage of having a convertible. Plus I loved the size of the TT; it was just my size and so comfy to drive. Not so for Peter, who had to twist like a gymnast to get in and out, but he hardly drives anyway. In spite of how much I loved the TT though, I'm happy to be back in the All-Road again. It's our snow car and just in time, because look what the Mad Cam shows. (Or at least you can guess what it showed when I posted this.)


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