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Digging Out

Oops! I hope the suspense hasn't been too much for you, but yes we did locate our car. Tuesday, the day we dug our car out, was a glorious blue-sky, sunny day. On the way to our car, we saw some unfortunate examples of buried autos, example 1 and example 2, whose owners might have a bit of difficulty identifying them. We also spotted a house allowing back door visitors only, and the ever popular winter beach shot, where beach chairs mark ownership of the parking spot. But on to the purpose at hand, the all-important identification and recovery series, where the intrepid shovelers locate the car, pose with shovel ready, remove car, clear snow down to pavement (yes, pavement - we adhere to only the highest standards), and return car to parking spot. Rest assured that we are now also resting, and preparing offerings to appease the snow gods, at least in the vicinity of Charlestown.


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