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An Urban Fish Story

Fishermen (why no fisherwomen?) have been lining the Charlestown Bridge, morning and night, for the past few weeks. To me, the idea of catching anything there seemed more fantasy than reality, so one morning I stopped by to see for myself. According to a guy from Woburn, who's been coming there to fish forever, it's great right now for catching stripers because the herring are running. Used to be, they'd even catch blues off the bridge but no more. Apparently the blues' preferred bait is now all stopped farther out in the harbor, not a bad thing actually, because it makes the Freedom Trail walk across the bridge much safer for curious tourists. The folks below might have risked a finger poking at the catch lying there, had it been a blue rather than a striper.

Huh? What's this?Who knew you could catch stripers here


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