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How Many is Too Many?

This is a prevalent question in today's news. The town of Halifax thinks that 32 flags hung outside a convenience store is too many. Hull residents complain that they are overwhelmed by coyotes, when the coyotes number just six. Their location near a local school however does raise the safety ante with even just one coyote. So how do limits get set on how many is too many? Take safety considerations. More than X number of drinks is dangerous to others and oneself, but X is different from one person to the next. Market value sets a limit when you can only buy three of something at the sale price. Again some people can't wait to buy the max and others wouldn't buy any no matter how cheap they are. So it seems like it really comes down to personal taste. For that, I'm with Le Corbusier, whose 'less is more' mantra is a wise choice for design and for the pocketbook. Except for one thing. When it comes to shoes, too many is still not enough.


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