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Photo Bug - Point and Shoot Revolution Continues

Home Depot shadowsMystic River reflections

I must tell you again how much pleasure my digital camera gives me, more than I ever would have expected when Meg initially suggested I get one to keep a record of my sabbatical. It's my constant companion and, cliched though it may be, it makes me see things differently. I know that for a fact because when I took this photo of the yellow branches and tree shadow on the cement block wall, all sorts of people looked at me like I was really odd. Of course, it was outside the Home Depot, where they were rushing to get their renovations underway and I was blocking their path.

Because I know the busy spot where the first photo was taken, it makes a nice counterpart to the tranquil reflections scene beside it. That shot I owe to getting a new windshield washer nozzle installed. Heading out for a walk while I waited, I paused along the river to take some pictures before I crossed over to discover a bookstore cafe. Perhaps the most tranquil place I've ever found to enjoy my morning coffee, Bestsellers Cafe is located in Medford Square in another of those old buildings that back up directly onto the Mystic. You pick up your coffee in the center of the store, walk past shelves of books and take it to the back tables. Classical music plays in the background and through the huge windows, you watch the river, topped with leaves floating calmly by. It actually makes me look forward to getting my car repaired, until I return to the dealership and get the bill.


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