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Winter parking presents different challenges

Winter parking presents different challenges from the rest of the year. The presence of snow tends to make for inefficient use of space, with many spots that would normally be large enough for two cars taken up by a single auto plus a couple of snow piles. Backing into such a spot is simple. Who cares if you run into the snow banks a bit. This situation naturally led to some concern on my part about keeping up the skills necessary to qualify for the PQ designation (that would be Parking Queen) bestowed on me by my husband. Not to worry though. When we arrived home late last night we circled our block, checked the main street below, took a turn around the Monument and finally relegated ourselves to the 'back forty', parking about five-blocks from our house. Even there poor space utilization made the situation tense, with just a single, tiny space open. In the dark I blithely backed in, and with a minor bumper touch of the car behind me just to be sure I was using all available space, I parked. This morning when I reached the car and saw the space in broad daylight, I actually wondered if I'd be able to get out again. Of course I did, and am now left with the reassurance that my skills have not waned. The PQ still reigns.


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