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Okay. So here's what I

Okay. So here's what I love about blogging. This morning while reading the newspaper I clipped out an ad for a men's shirt with this sort of fifties-ish design. I just thought it was neat but I didn't know what about it attracted me. Then when I went online for my daily dose of weblogs, I discovered a possible answer. Turns out I wasn't the only one recently intrigued by spirals, and in a timely convergence, I connected with fascinating and pertinent information.

The other thing I love about blogging is my mention in Meg and her friends (including the spiral speculator mentioned above) new book, We Blog. Actually it's not so much the mention of 'My Mother the Blogger' as how it makes the point that blogging exposes a different side of a person from other types of contact. All along I've felt that daily reading of megnut provided me with more insights into her life than sharing the same house ever did, but who knew I was doing the same thing with heyjud.


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