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From the moment I

From the moment I left the house last week in Braintree, I could see the top of this looming crane and just kept walking towards it. I got right up to the front gate of the old Fore River Shipyard, but beyond it was off-limits. Mostly deserted now, I spent some time imagining what the shipyard was like when boats were being built and thousands of people employed. Out of sight and ironically coordinated with my mournful thoughts, a single bagpiper was playing, perhaps one of the fireman from the training center in an old warehouse.

On a more upbeat note, my friend Felice has a new book out, sharing the skills and techniques that combine so well with her graphic eye to make science photos into art. Though I've been reading it, thinking it's wonderful and being amazed at what Felice has accomplished, others think the same. Here's an unbiased review you can check out and then order her book, Envisioning Science.


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