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I've been missing my daily

I've been missing my daily long walks not only for the exercise, but even more for the photo opportunities they provide. So with today's 60-degree temperature warmer than any time last April in Paris, I headed out with camera to enjoy the day. Though I drive the same route every morning, my walking view of the new construction around City Square made a much bigger impact. Looking down from the Charlestown Bridge into the construction hole below, activity was everywhere, resulting in a lot more change and progress than I would have expected since my pre-Christmas observations. Not everyone was an active contributor though. Check out this workman just sitting up above all the commotion, calmly enjoying an unusual end of January day.

Quite the opposite is the current weather in San Francisco where yesterday they had snow on Mt. Tam. The heavy clothes I haven't needed this week should be just right for our Friday trip to SF for Michael's graduation.


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