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So I was out flaneuring

So I was out flaneuring again today, on a walk precipitated by trying to find a different way home from the garage, after dropping my car off for repairs. My new route took me through an industrial part of Somerville where I saw the Brickbottom Artists Loft Building up close rather than just from the highway, the site of the New England Glass Company which operated from 1818-1888, noted on a plaque outside the big office building now on that spot, and more offices which used to be the Davenport Furniture Company, based on an old sign painted on the side of the brick building. It occurred to me that the company must have been the origin of 'davenport', which was another word for sofa or couch in my childhood. Kind of like saying 'kleenex' for tissue, the ultimate advertisement when the brand name becomes one with the product, though in the case of davenport it doesn't appear to have lasted. My trip back into the past was complete when I looked at bed frames in a furniture store and set the salesmen to laughing by asking about padded frames. They reminded me those were popular back in the 50's when they were called 'Hollywood' beds. I think we still have one of those in my grandmother's house in Orange.


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