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I took a break

I took a break the other day to ride the ferry boat from the Charlestown Navy Yard over to Long Wharf, along with lots and lots of tourists. It's such a great treat on a clear, blue sky day though, that I don't mind sharing. In fact it's a shame that mostly just tourists use it during the day, since the quick 10-minute trip provides a summer escape that makes me feel like I'm on vacation too. Being in the vacation spirit, I did more looking around me as I walked up from the waterfront along Franklin Street. When I stopped to admire the busy and lush green park at Post Office Square, all redone while we were off in San Francisco, I happened to catch this interesting play of light on the buildings across the way. The criss cross pattern of the silver building reflects onto the otherwise dull brown building, making everything look like a sort of shiny plaid. I love being able to revert to my Paris flaneur role and notice local things that I'd miss otherwise.


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