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Anyone want to hire a

Anyone want to hire a professional flaneur? Just call 1/800-flaneur. Strolling around and observing everything is basically what I've been doing for the last few months. I've continued my Paris outlook back here in Boston, and it's amazing how many new and different things I've seen. Part of it comes from having a camera at the ready. It just makes me look at everything a little more closely and things that might have escaped me before, are not only noticed but captured and saved.

So here's a series of photos from a wonderful walk I took yesterday, all along the harbor, from Lewis Wharf to the Northern Avenue bridge near South Station. Because I started out well fortified with a latte, my first stop was not until I reached the new Imax Theatre, now under construction next to the Aquarium. This shot is actually the back side of the buildings, taken from a little park next to the Harbor Towers apartments. From there I walked along past Rowe's Wharf and the Boston Harbor Hotel over to the new Courthouse. This side view shows the way the half-circle building wraps around, and how closeup to a window, you can see directly through to the front windows. I'd like to be standing right up inside there to see the view out in both directions. Walking back from the Courthouse across the Northern Avenue Bridge, I chuckled over the contrary sound of the closed for opening sign, a leftover from when the bridge still rotated out of the way to allow boats to pass below. I finished up at the James Hook Lobster Company, an authentic, dockside market, advertising its specialty with this shiny lobster on the roof. Sheesh! This is making me sound like a tour guide or something. Perhaps my next job should be driving one of those duckboats around the city.


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