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The final changing of

The final changing of the guests. This is the story of the departure that almost wasn't. When I left early in the morning to meet Peter, I locked the apartment door behind me, turning the key twice around as I always do. Meg and Jason got up at a more reasonable time, packed and decided to pick up some fresh, hot pain au chocolate for breakfast before heading off to the airport. Luckily they had this little bit of extra time, because no matter what they did, the second set of keys would not open the locked door from inside. Checking the web to see that Peter's plane was late, they knew we'd go with the backup plan of seeing them off at the American gate, rather than coming immediately back to the apartment and to their rescue. So they were locked in with no hope of a yummy breakfast, wondering if they were ever going to be able to get out and to the airport in time for their return flight. But desperation led to shouting down to passers by on the street below, in English since it was too complicated to explain in French, dropping down the keys wrapped in a washcloth, and then persuading the good samaritain who answered their plea to climb the five flights of stairs and unlock the door for them. The happy pictures of Meg and Jason departing and Peter arriving demonstrate that all's well that ends well but who would have thought such a thing could happen on the way there.


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