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I sent Mom and Aunt

I sent Mom and Aunt Doris off in the taxi to the airport first thing in the morning and then I went walking. When I heard the music start up in the market on rue Mouffetard I should have known it was a premonition of things to come because they were playing 'Non, Rien de Rien', an old Edith Piaff song. I had been singing it with my friend Jody, the very one who started calling hey Jud over the cubicle wall, ever since we heard it in the movie 'Nobody Loves Me' at the Mill Valley Film Festival. I knew she had arrived in Paris but we hadn't yet made plans to meet up.

I kept walking, along with everyone else in Paris out for the Labor Day holiday to buy the traditional spring bouquets of Lily of the Valley from the kids who were selling them on every block. By this time I was over in the Marais and when I turned back onto the rue de Rivoli to head for home, there was Jody walking along with her Paris friends Gilles and Joseph. They were just stopping to pick up some wine and quiche for supper and invited me along to their apartment near the Bastille. So I had a lovely chance meeting and dinner and that's why I missed posting yesterday.


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