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Ranunculus Love

Ranunculus Love

I'm not ashamed to be in love with a ranunculus, actually I suppose that should be ranunculi, since I'm speaking of an entire bouquet. There's no better flower for arranging in a vase because you can just stick them in any which way. As they begin to open, they droop into their own wonderful arrangement without any intervention at all. On my first trip to Paris, I saw just such a droopy ranunculus bouquet in a shop window and thought I could never create such an unusual arrangement myself. But then I bought a large bunch and discovered the magic.

Of course, my ranunculus love is enhanced by the memories it brings of Paris apartments and visitors photographed in front of those bouquets. Whenever I see ranunculus offered at the florist I buy some, almost always the yellow and orange ones, knowing the cheery colors will bring back a bit of those times past and trips taken. Here's one of my very favorite shots from a trip to Paris in 2001 when my Mom and Aunt came to visit.



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