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Family Day Two in Paris

After sleeping in so Peter could get caught up a bit, we met everyone for lunch at Brasserie Balzar. As expected of French children, both kids behaved admirably well in the restaurant. When Ollie got antsy toward the end, I had just finished my fabulous steak tartare (my second time to Balzar to have the same thing which I just couldn't resist) so we went off to the nearby Cluny playground while the others finished up. Later in the afternoon while Ollie napped, we walked over to the Marais looking for a second stroller for him. What we found however, were some of the most fabulous little dresses for Minna, so Meg stocked up for the fall and next summer. Ollie wasn't entirely forgotten and you'll probably see a picture of him soon in his French froggie sunglasses. Perhaps tomorrow we'll have better luck finding a cheap umbroller stroller like the yellow one we used to have. We had dinner together in the big apartment kitchen and then took a neighborhood walk around Notre Dame before heading home to bed. Shots from the day.


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