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Hey Dad - Peter's Tribute, June 6, 2009

We are all here this morning thinking about you and your impact and influence on us as we celebrate your life. Strange thing is that, while many of us have had many years to say the things we thought, some thoughts have never been said before. So these are some of my personal reflections. I'm sure all here today have their own memories of your impact on their lives.

Dad, you were always into sports and know that in the game of life, the final score is recorded when the game is over. At 93+ years your game was well into extra innings and we had a call in to the bull pen for relief pitching. But let me check the score card.

1. Married for 69 years - home run.
2. Dad for 67+ years - 4 children.

3. Grandpa for 43 years - 10 grandchildren.

4. GGPa for 17 years - 13 great-grandchildren.

Dad, it looks like you hit for the cycle - home run, triple, double and single. Wow, pretty amazing.

When you grow up, and I'm thinking about me now, you think that you are supposed to do a lot of things independently. You don't think much about the context of growing up, only what you should be doing and what you should become. So many expectations and so little said. You can easily lose sight of "where it all began".

At various times in the recent past I would do something and Judy would say, "You're turning into your Dad". You might imagine what I was doing. But as I reflect more closely, she was right in many positive ways and it happened a long time ago. Dad, there were many ways you shaped me, and all of us, and I'll put a few on the score card.

Sports, Coach: Your athletic skills and interest were passed on - you were my little league coach - you supported us when we played - sports became a critical part of me.

Education, Learning: PTA, emphasis on good grades and push for higher education - we carry that ideal that the next generation does better than the last.

Family Focus: You took us to church, on family trips like Nantasket and the Cape (are we there yet?), but the major impact was when you built the family house on Nantucket 30-years ago - a place for multigenerational family life - thank you.

Photographer: You documented in film and photos the family growth - it's well recorded. I followed this path too.

Hard Work, Loyalty, Achievement: A great salesman, you worked your way up the corporate ladder, pretty much with one company, ATF - seems a few of us also followed that consistent path.

Humor: We liked your humor - a very quick wit delivered with a twinkle in your eye - often a laugh at a serious time. A classic and recent "one liner" happened at Mom's 90th birthday celebration. As lots of family and friends were saying nice things about Mom there was an ebb in the conversation. You had been quiet the whole time and Mom turned to you and said, "Bill, what do you have to say?" You looked over at her and said "Amen", which brought lots of laughter.

So I say now Dad, thank you, we love you and we miss you. Amen Dad, Amen.


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