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Monday in Bygdoy

So it turns out that most of the museums are closed on Monday, except for those on the almost-island of Bygdoy. Getting an early start at 11:30 am, we were having lattes before noon and on the T by 12:15. A bus ride then took us to the Norsk Folkemuseum, which was a bit like Sturbridge Village, except much bigger, older and nicer. As you can see in the photos, we were fortunate to have another perfect sunny day.

After completing quite a trek around the grounds of the Folk Museum we hopped back on the bus to its final stop at the Kon Tiki Museum. The model of the Kon Tiki was fascinating, and seeing it firsthand, made it even harder to imagine six crewmen making the actual trip.

Riding the bus required hanging on tight along a very windy road. Looking out the window was like being in California, maybe in Tiburon, all green and very lush with prosperous looking and architecturally interesting homes. We ended the day with a 10-minute ferry ride and walk back to the T, heading home on the early side to get to the dock by 10:00 am for a lunch cruise of the fjords tomorrow.


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