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Day of the Forgotten Battery

I was sure the camera wasn't broken, but why wasn't it turning on when I pressed the button? And why was the camera so light in my hand? The careful reader will have already realized the title gives it away. After recharging the battery last night I simply forgot to put it back in its little cradle so the days' pictures were not to be.

The first photo I missed was right outside the train station where we went to pick up our Norway in a Nutshell tickets. It was a 20-foot high, brightly colored painting of a huge convertible, probably from the late 50's, with a license plate that said 'Honk, New Jersey'. Now you know how much a picture is worth, but unfortunately these twenty or so words are all I can come up with at the moment. Keep your excitement in check and I'll try for the photo again tomorrow when we go to the station for our trip.

The next photo I missed was an interesting black graphic on an advertising banner, set off by another of those orange walls I like so much. This will probably remain a memory, since I'm not at all sure exactly what route we took to our next destination, the main gate of the Akershus Slott or Castle. We walked past lots of construction, climbed a hill and finally located our first objective, the Norwegian Resistance Museum, which housed a timeline of Nazi occupation and the incredible resistance mounted against them by the Norwegians from 1940-1945. Then it was on to the castle itself, a medieval castle from the 13th century. Though normally open to the public, to quote the guidebook, 'Today the castle's beautiful ballrooms are used by the government for State events', the unfortunate truth on this specific day evidenced by the lock on the door. At least the grounds were lovely to walk through on our way back to yesterday's architecture museum for late lunch in the Cafe Grosch. I got the moules frites and didn't even have to say 'blaskjell'.

All in all, it was a bit of a bad luck day because our planned final museum visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art was also stopped by a bolted door and sign 'Closed for Construction. Reopening May 28.' We filled in with stops at various nearby crafts gallery but didn't really mind getting home early in anticipation of an 8:00 am departure for tomorrow's long day of train, boat and bus touring on the way to Bergen. Fret not however; our spirits remain high.


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