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Another Marathon

Rather than suffer marathon withdrawal now that our friend has moved from his perfectly situated party location in Brookline, yesterday Peter and I took the T to Kenmore Square to find a new spot for watching the race. The train was packed though a lot of people got off at Arlington to head for the finish line at Copley. We continued on but still found a jammed Kenmore Square, noisy with the sound of cowbells, newly introduced this year (I think) to urge on the competitors like they do in ski racing. Good watching space opened up as we walked a little way up Beacon Street towards Cooldige Corner, and for the first time, I was actually able to get some shots of the front runners coming by. When we got cold and started walking back towards downtown, the crowd entering one of the Beacon Street underpasses reminded me of my own Tufts 10K racing back in the 80's. My underpass was on Memorial Drive, where a crowd of us middle-of-the-pack runners going out on the course met the front runners already coming back. As they entered the tunnel, an incredible crowd roar reverberated off the walls, powering us for the rest of the race with a sound that still rings in my ears.


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