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An Embarrassment of Spices

Since we were married, we've moved six times. It began with newlywed excitement and a move to Buffalo, where we purchased our first house for less money than our 1982 black Jeep. When we left Buffalo ten years later, it was a bit of a traumatic move down the thruway and turnpike to Springfield, heightened by exhaustion, the presence of two young kids, a cat and a couple of fish. Only the fish failed to survive.

What apparently also survived were a couple of boxes and seven cans of spices. Over the next twenty years, these boxes and cans turned into 'seasoned' travelers, following us from Springfield to two different places in Brookline, and then across the U.S. to California. I wonder if they were as happy as I was to leave the Amory Street kitchen that never got renovated, for the brand new Beaconsfield Road kitchen with the super low ceiling. I was tall and happy in that kitchen because the super low cabinets allowed me to reach even the top shelf. Of course there was lots of excitement once we got to California, though another unrenovated kitchen with harvest gold appliances challenged my skill in decorating coverups, and led to my continuing love of deep yellow/orange paint applied wherever necessary.

From California, we eventually came back to the East Coast to Charlestown. Happily, we were in a great new kitchen and all near family again, both us and the Ann Page spices. Cans of old spice, probably from the 70's For every single move, those spices had been packed by others, but always unpacked by me in a rush to get everything put away and to make the new place feel like home. That's how the embarrassment of spices left over from the 1970's, came to still be in my Charlestown kitchen in the summer of 2006. It was when I bought a nifty set of expandable shelves to house my spices that I came across the old spice, and when I spotted their bargain prices on the bottom, it was obvious they had to go. I was sad about throwing them out after all those years and all those miles, so I took this picture to remember them by.


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