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Lost and Not Found

Well, I've lost my glasses, my favorite ones that I've had about as long as we've been back in Boston. They had dark green frames that blended, but didn't exactly match, with everything, but what I really liked was the way they fit. The side pieces tucked perfectly behind my ears with no poking out at all, a constant problem for the tiny-headed, some even said pin-headed, like me. They were nice and lightweight, and never once did they break. Not even a screw ever came loose.

I'm usually very careful with my glasses, putting them down in the same spot on the black desk and doublechecking whenever I leave the house to be sure I've got them. But when I realized they were missing on Sunday morning, I was up in Vermont visiting my sister. The Sunday paper called, and when I opened my yellow case to get out the glasses, they weren't there. A tour of the house and all likely spots turned up nothing. Thinking back to the night before, I couldn't remember for sure whether I'd actually used them for any reading in Vermont. Nobody else was sure either so I finally decided they must have gotten left behind at home.

country rainbow Back home, there were still no glasses to be found. Downloaded pictures from the weekend solved the mystery in part, showing me admiring my sister's kitchen improvements with the dear and favorite glasses perched on top of my head. Right after that photo was taken, the rain let up, the sun came out and we all dashed outside looking for a rainbow. Carried away with getting the perfect shot, of not just one but of a double rainbow, I started down the side of the ditch between me and the field next door. Muddy clay turns out to be slick as ice and I was down on my butt in a second, with mud spattered everywhere. Could it be then that the glasses flew off behind me? I did search the next day near the ditch but, convinced the glasses were probably back home, I wasn't very thorough. I've offered my nephews the reward of a Boston Aquarium visit if they find my glasses, so I hope they'll head out by the ditch and do some serious looking. I'm hopeful but not confident.

The shot is Peter's, just after the second rainbow disappeared. He didn't slip in the ditch.


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