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Carpe Diem

So today I got one of those goodhearted emails with a piece about living life to the fullest by Erma Bombeck. Wonderful, valuable sentiments all but the style just isn't me. Here's another way of putting it in a bit more my style because it involves both shopping and Emeryville, CA where I worked for nearly ten-years. Regardless of how it's delivered though, the gist of the message for me today is carpe diem, so I too "will continue to write in this silly blog, to make music, to attend parties, to put myself into uncomfortable situations, to compete in belching contests, to try weird seafood and drink fizzy drinks. Because one day my number will truly be up, and when I go, all the unwritten songs and unfulfilled desires and unsatisfied curiosities go with me". Thanks Scott for expressing it all, well except for the part about competing in belching contests, though there was that time in Vermont...


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