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Played three hymns with four

Played three hymns with four sharps. That's how the September 6, 1944 entry ended in the diary Meg and I found when we visited last Friday with my Mom and Dad in Orange. I had seen my Grandma Pete's diaries before but I hadn't known that my Grandma Engel also kept a diary, and that's the one we found on the shelf. This one short entry brought me right back to my favorite summertime visits, when Grandma Engel would take me with her to church while she practiced the organ for the next Sunday's service. And when I got old enough and had enough piano lessons behind me, she'd even let me play the organ a bit. Of course she seemed so wonderfully accomplished, I love discovering from this succinct entry that she too, had to work at remembering the changes required for four sharps, and felt enough pride in the accomplishment to mention it in her diary. I feel so connected again to my Grandma Engel, just from this tiny new insight.


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