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Between the visits I didn't

Between the visits I didn't include in my last post and some more from today, I've got lots to tell about. After visiting Parc de la Villette yesterday we continued on to a nearby neighborhood in the 19th Arrondissement known as Carrieres d'Ameriques, and the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, site of the former quarries for which the neighborhood was named. And this afternoon we went back there again for more looking and photos. The neighborhood is between Place Danube and the park itself, and reminded me a lot of the area along the Filbert Steps in San Francisco. Instead of steps though, there were steep, narrow streets, called villas, going up the hills between the houses. You know you're still in Paris however because the three cross streets are called rue de Liberte, rue d'Egalite and rue de Fraternite. The upper left photo gives a little of the neighborhood feel. From there we walked on to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, entering at the top corner and discovering a series of overlooks, populated with sun bathers and general relaxers enjoying the sunny day. From there we followed a downward winding path, through evergreens that were further reminders of San Francisco and especially the Presidio, crossed a suspension bridge and found a little side path leading up through cave-like openings in the butte to a lookout tower at the top. It's from that tower that the right hand photo of Sacre Coeur, off in the hazy distance, was taken. By the time we got to the Canal St. Martin it was getting late, so we went back there again today to explore a bit more. While Peter took the photo from across the canal of this collection of pretty colored buildings, I explored inside in the shops, a clothing boutique, flower shop and gift store. And it was just around the corner from here that we had dinner last night, the one that caused me to delay my post, at a simple place called le 25eme Image starting with wonderful kir's made with a peche liqueur instead of cassis. Something to try when we get back home.


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