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October 1, 2002

It's not for nothing that

It's not for nothing that Boston is called the 'Hub'. Our Sunday morning coffee provided all the reminder we needed. Sitting out back of the coffee shop right on the Harbor Walk, the day was glorious, all sun and blue sky, with just enough breeze to let you know it was September and not summer anymore. From our regular bench the view across to the airport is usually unobstructed, so coming from behind the decrepit and deserted building at the end of Lewis Wharf, this bright orange tanker just seemed to pop into view. The Norman Lady, carrying liquid natural gas to the Everett processing plant, was massive next to her entourage of tug boats and police craft, as she proceeded majestically along followed by her Coast Guard escort.

Moments after the tanker disappeared off towards Charlestown, a large sailboat with unusual creamy yellow-colored sails appeared, followed by another and then another. Eventually there were six boats, sort of parading around in circles like they were out for a Sunday drive. Turns out the milling about was actually the start of a transatlantic race from Boston to Southampton, England, and if they were just milling about, it was the last rest they'd get for the next three weeks of 24/7 racing.

Besides the boating, there was bussing and lots of it. At least ten, maybe twelve, tourist busses all in a row, lined Commercial Street waiting for their passengers to return from a walk through the North End. If I ever go on a bus tour, this is the bus I want to take.

All in all, it was a beautiful, busy Sunday. Like I said, it's not called the Hub for nothing.

October 17, 2002

Family weddings are such special

Family weddings are such special times. If you're family or just interested, please see the Wedding Album from this past weekend.

October 28, 2002

I've become a total Google

I've become a total Google junkie of late. Feeling the need to add to my gym training regimen, I came across Power Zen, part of a Reebok site devoted to core training. Before deciding whether the core trainer equipment sold at the site was necessary, I decided to simply try the exercises. What I like is that there's no writeup at all, but an animation that plays over and over so you can follow along and try to duplicate the movements with just your laptop watching. I may never get to the point of purchasing the 'core board' but the exercises all by themselves are great. I'm not giving up Google cooking. I'm just adding Google workouts to counter the effects.

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